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Gilroy Buller Black Belt Salsa

Black Belt Salsa Instructor

Gilroy Buller

Official Black Belt Salsa Instructor

School Location: Sanford, North Carolina

Cell: (704) 458-6208


World Class Training

BBS Purple BeltBBS Blue Belt
Gilroy Buller

Primary Instructor
Official Certification to
Blue Belt

Pending DBM Certification


Black Belt System - LeadershipThe most significant thing for a Leader to contribute to anyone is their own Connection and their own Stability. An effective Leader is a happy Leader. An effective Leader is a Leader who laughs easily and often; and who doesn't take things so seriously.



Student Orientation Packet and Manual

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Black Belt Dance Franchise, Inc.Black Belt Dance Instructor Certification Belts, order of progression to Black Belt.
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Minimum Training Hours are Listed Below.

If an Instructor Trainee is not able to complete the minimum requirements for Belt attainment, any remaining hours will be billed at their regular private lesson rate / fee per hour either with that instructor, or any other qualified BBS instructor.

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Physical Training Business Training Physical Training
Baby Blue Belt
Black Belt

Instructor- in-training, serving as an "Apprentice" to Primary Instructor(s) for Group Classes. Duration of apprentice-ship is up the to school

DBM Certified and Regional Expert

Congress instructor,


Dance Team Leadership


International Competitions

A minimum of 180 to 250 hours and two years of physical BBS Upper Belt-Level Instructor training and teaching

BBS Blck Belt Salsa BBS White Belt BBS Purple Belt BBS Blue Belt BBS Brown Belt

Dance Business ManagementBusiness Academy
Training Program

BBS Red Black Belt BBS Black Belt BBS Black Belt BBS Black Belt
Hours: Individual
School's Decision
n/a 20 Hours
of Physcial Training hours to date
80 Hours
of Physcial Training
to date
110 Hours
of Physcial Training
to date
140 Hours
of Physcial Training
to date
28 Hours of Business Training 170 Hours
of Physcial Training
to date
210 Hours of
Physcial Training
to date
260 Hours
Physcial Training
to date
320 Hours
Physcial Training
to date

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Black Belt Dance Student Belts

BBSStudent Certification Belts

Complete Black Belt System
"Student" Core Syllabus Overview

How To Dance
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